Sustainable Events

Reducing the environmental impact of the upcoming ISWA 2021 Congress in Athens is one of our challenges. The Organizers, the Convention Centre and all of our partners are working together on this topic, to make ISWA 2021 an eco-friendly event. With sustainability and social responsibility top of mind these days there is tremendous opportunity to make the high-profile congress a platform for increasing public awareness about eco-friendly alternatives available and the importance of recycling.

  • Go paperless: one of the bigger and more basic green methods is to decrease the need for excessive use and printing of needless amounts of paper. We will use recycled paper and print on both sides.
  • Congress App and Website: we have prepared a full updated site and application which include information about the event, the schedule, directions and any instructions. We promote the event only through web and digital channels. The registrations will be submitted to the congress site.
  • Congress venue: the congress venue is located at the city center, accessible by public transportation less than 30 minutes from airport and by foot from the central hotels.
  • Recycling corners: the event will be outfitted with recycling stations for collection and separation paper, plastics, organics and non recyclable waste at the congress venue.
  • Exhibition: manual to the exhibitors and suppliers to minimize their waste and packaging.
  • Our On-Site footprint: Use reusable utensils like cups, glasses, plates.
  • The right ingredients: The food will also be mostly local and organic, with extensive plant-based options. We will create a farm-to-table, eco-friendly and always fresh and delicious menu.
  • Donate the leftover food: it’s pretty clear that events are a large source of food waste. We will rescue the food from the event and bring it to communities in need.