Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association – HSWMA PROFILE

The Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association (HSWMA) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization, founded in the year 2000 and today has more than 550 members.

The HSWMA members (Academia, Ministries and Local Authorities, Research, Consulting as well as Construction and Industrial sector, Environmental NGOs etc.) cover up the Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy field.

HSWMA’s vision is to act as the catalyst in restoring trust between the state and entrepreneur. With the experience of our members and as a national member of ISWA  we can comprise a “think tank” and a scientific institutional partner in the road to “circular economy”.

Our strategy is to accelerate in the following 4 pillars to which we put forward formulate specific proposals:

1. Road Map for the transition of Greece to the Circular Economy
2. Incentives for the diversion of waste from landfilling
3. Acceleration of the implementation of the National Waste Management Plan as well as the Regional Waste Management Plans.
4. Dissemination of Expertise and build trust between State and Citizens

The objectives of HSWMA are: to promote the adoption of environmentally acceptable methods for Solid Waste Management, the development and dissemination of relevant scientific methods and applications and the preservation of natural resources and energy.

HSWMA pursues these objectives by:

1. Exchanging of knowledge and experiences between members as well as other institutions of the field
2. Promoting innovation in the Solid Waste Management field
3. Disseminating scientific knowledge, technological advances and new procedures and practical applications to its members, as well as to the broader society, by means of newsletters, lectures, seminars, conferences, scientific and technical publications, journals, books, etc
4. Establishing electronic library and archives that will be of use to its members
5. Contributing to public relevant consultations
6. Providing advice upon Solid Waste Management matters
7. Cooperating with the industrial sector aiming at the development or the improvement of existing waste management methods, practices and technologies
8. Cooperating with the Government with a view at improving design and implementation
9. Developing network with other stakeholders like national and international organizations, whose activities relate to the ones of HSWMA

The ISWA World Congress 2021, will be hosted, for the first time by the Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association – HSWMA and organized in cooperation with the International Solid Waste Association.