Scientific Committee
Dr. Andreopoulos Andreas, National Technical Univ. of Athens, Chairman
Prof. Angelopoulos Georgios, University of Patras
Mr. Björn Appelqvist, Chair of the ISWA Scientific and Technical Committee
Prof. Aravossis Konstantin, National Technical University of Athens
Prof. Georgakellos Dimitris, University of Pireaus
Prof. Haralambous Katherine-Joanne, National Technical Univ. of Athens
Dr. Kolokotroni Konstantina, Ministry of Development and Investments
Prof. Komilis Dimitris, Democritus University of Thrace
Prof. Lasaridi Katia, Harokopio University of Athens
Prof. Loizidou Maria, National Technical University of Athens
Dr. Mavropoulos Antonios, D-Waste, former President ISWA
Dr. Michalopoulos Evangelos, VMA
Prof. Mousiopoulos Nikolaos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dr. Panagiotakis Iraklis, AECOM
Dr. Reklitis Grigoris, Ministry of Environment & Energy
MSc. Skiadi Olga, Coca-Cola3E
Dr. Varelidis Petros, Ministry of Environment & Energy
Prof. Velis Costas, Univ. of Leeds, Chair of ISWA Marine Litter Task Force
Ms. Aditi Ramola, ISWA STC Coordinator and Technical Director
Honorary Organizing Committee
Katsiamboulas Alexandros, President, (HSWMA)
Aravossis Konstantin, Ministry of Environment & Energy, Sec. General
Avgerinopoulou Dionysia, Hellenic Parliament, Environmental Com., Chair
Famellos Sokratis, f. Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy, MP
Geranis Michalis, Member of the Board, HSWMA
Grafakos Emmanouil, Ministry of Environment & Energy, Sec. General
Iliopoulos Giorgos, Vice-President, HSWMA
Maniatis Yiannis, f. Min. Environment & Energy, Ass. Prof. Univ. Piraeus
Mavropoulos Antonis, D-Waste, ISWA
Papadakis Antonis, Secretary General, HSWMA
Papastergiou Dimitris, Central Union of Greek Municipalities, President
Paschali Konstantia, Treasurer, HSWMA
Tzitzikostas Αpostolos, President of Association of Greek Regions
National Task Force
Tsompanidis Christos, Coordinator, (ENVIROPLAN)
Anthouli Aida, Environmental Management Consultant, MSc
Κaralegkou Katerina, (D-Waste)
Kiriakou Eliza, Student
Kokkali Anna, (HSWMA)
Mouratidou Elina, Solid Waste Mgt. Body of Central Macedonia
Panagiotakis Iraklis, (AECOM)
Stamatoglou Aimilios, Chemical Engineer